Growth Groups

Small groups, or Growth groups, are informal small group Bible studies, which are designed to meet in members’ homes. Growth groups offer new Christian followers, mature Christian followers, and those seeking to follow Christ a chance to discover real-life applications for Bible truths and build deep, genuine Christian relationships in a relaxed, informal setting.  The focus is on making disciples and growing disciples from new born disciples to parent disciples.

For additional information on a Growth group that meets in your area, contact our church office at 321-723-8233 or

 Food Pantry

A very important ministry for our congregation is our Food Pantry. The purpose of this ministry is to provide food to those in need in our church family and our community. As we help others, God blesses us, and the number of families served continues to grow every week.

We also provide job training material, low-cost health care information, and other community resource information. If you would like for us to pray for you, we are happy to accept your prayer requests, and we offer Bible study for those interested.

Our Food Pantry is open on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. See Bob Eckelberry if you would like to help with this great ministry or call our church office at 321-723-8233.

Your donations of canned or non-perishable items are always welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you for your generosity.


The Melbourne Church of Christ is committed to mission work and has been involved with with missions in Thailand, Guyana, France, China, Africa, and the Phillipines. Currently we have missionaries located in Honduras.

Our goal is to meet God’s calling in Matthew 25:35-40. If you would like to be a part of this great ministry or would like more information please feel free to contact us.

Music Ministries

At the Melbourne Church, we want to provide opportunities for those with special talents, such as singing and music, to share in ministry to others. We have two such groups of singers who work closely together and provide encouragement through music.

The Melbourne Family Singers share their gift of music at nursing homes twice a month. Anyone is welcome to join them as they encourage others in song.

The Melbourne Ensemble performs during the Christmas season and shares special music at funerals and other occasions throughout the year. The Ensemble is currently learning new music to expand their repertoire. Songs from this repertoire will be taught to the congregation.

If you’d like more information about having The Ensemble sing for your occasion or if you’d like to know how you might become involved in the music ministry please contact our church office .

The Healing Path Family Counseling Center

Debby Nickens, our children’s minister, is a Mental Health Counselor specializing in children’s and teen’s emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs. She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and a Certificate in Play Therapy. Parents can contact Debby at the church office at 321-723-8233.

Nursing Home

As part of our outreach to the community, the Melbourne Church of Christ regularly ministers to Area Nursing Homes.  Our outreach ministry seeks to encourage through Worship Services, Bible Studies and Singing Programs led by our Singing Group, the Melbourne Family Singers.

Those interested in this ministry should contact the church office at 321- 723-8233.

Young At Heart

“Young at Heart” is for individuals, approximately 55 and up. We get together often for parties and outings, and we also share our knowledge of community services for seniors, plan day trips, get together for meals several times a month, and just have a good time in fellowship with each other. We also take time to encourage each other by sharing God’s word.

For additional information, contact our church office .